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MARMIER's take on ready-to-wear is an ever-evolving assortment of updated classics, with a strong emphasis on quality and fit.
Keeping simplicity and a timeless allure at the core of our philosophy, we strongly believe that true style lies in the creativity of the individual, for whom we are set on providing the blank canvas:
An understated wardrobe mix-and-match for the minimalist living.


MARMIER—a name inspired by the studio’s former neighborhood and its locally-famous overpass—is an online-exclusive line proposing modern menswear essentials.

Willing to get rid of the fashion retail industry’s rigid, bi-annual conventions and constraints, MARMIER’s aim was to give its design team a new, organic and more realistic creative freedom by pulling away from the traditional "collection" template.

However, this new freedom didn’t mean lower standards—quality, authenticity and service cornerstones were to remain part of MARMIER’s foundation. With a steadfast regard for details, fits and an ever-growing passion for great textiles, the designer and her team’s wish is to bring back simplicity in the conception of style and fashion, while encouraging creativity and self-identity.